K·Yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Inventor of the enterprise AI OS (KOS): Embedded governance, learning, prevention, security, and productivity.


The KOS can be deployed with flexible options that can meet the needs of most organizations:

  • A hosted turnkey system with enterprise license. We can leverage private capital markets to fund any size deployment, contingent upon the negotiated agreement and approval.

  • An enterprise system license that includes IP license for patents and trade secrets on negotiated basis. This can be a good option for a select few sophisticated organizations that have the capacity to build the systems in-house.  

Email us with details and set up a call to discuss. 


KYield has well over a decade of experience in developing strategies and deep use cases in AI systems with market leaders in every sector. We offer consulting services in support of our proprietary systems, as well as strategic advice. We offer specific programs and bespoke services, including:

  • Futuristic scenarios including specific use cases
  • Development of AI strategies tailored for the client
  • Executive education, private group sessions, and retainer for as-needed consulting

To learn more please see our recent executive briefing on EAI operating systems and paper on SPEAR AI systems. For more information on consulting services, please contact KYield's CEO Mark Montgomery to set up a call.