k·yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Distributed AI system with governance, prevention, security, and productivity tailored to each entity.


While Kyield is applicable to any modern distributed organization, each sector has many variable factors, including economic models and conditions, regulatory environment, legal structure, culture, security, language, and sophistication. In addition, each business unit, team and individual have unique needs that require a holistic system that provides differentiation and a competitive advantage. With continuously adaptive computing, data tailored to each entity according to self-managed profiles within corporate and governance parameters, Kyield empowers each organization, unit, team and individual to tailor digital production and consumption to their specific needs. We target the highest areas of ROI possible at a total cost basis that may surprise even the leanest large enterprise.

Aerospace and Defense

Few sectors contain the potential for exceptional return on investment with Kyield Enterprise as commercial aerospace, military and intelligence. Whether optimizing crisis and loss prevention in a continually adaptive manner, improving productivity across the enterprise, seizing opportunities with expedited discovery, and/or lowering cost of IT spend with unified interoperability, Kyield is at or near the top of the list of choices worldwide.

Financial Services

The value of unified enterprise systems with data standards and advanced analytics is now considered essential by researchers, consultants, and increasingly regulators. The benefits for investment houses, banks, and insurance companies is clear: lower IT costs, higher organizational functionality, more accurate data, much better governance and risk management, crisis and loss prevention, improved credit management, and revenue growth. Kyield's proprietary platform is exceptionally well-matched to the needs of the financial sector, offering augmentation with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, including extension to customers for portfolio management.


Dramatically slowing economic growth and tighter budgets in most countries are forcing a much needed change in the global enterprise IT ecosystem. Customers can no longer afford lock-in, ever higher maintenance fees, very costly integration, poor governance systems and lack of adaptability. A new generation of technology with Kyield as the distributed operating system can provide a much higher level of organizational functionality at a much lower total cost of ownership. Intelligent, sustainable government begins with more intelligent, sustainable systems.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Personalized, precision medicine, patent expirations, high failure rate in phase 3 trials, and unsustainable healthcare costs all point to the need for a much higher level of organizational management, operational efficiency, state-of-the-art intelligent systems to include deep learning and AI augmentation. Kyield provides the ideal adaptive data management system, which enables precise management of entities, proper governance, and alignment of interests. In addition, the Kyield platform covers extension to partners and customers, including patients, opening up the potential for transformation as well as entirely new business opportunities.


Data convergence is quickly bringing together people, robotics, and machine to machine functionality distributed globally, requiring an optimal network operating system. Near real-time inventory, liability, and hyper competition do not allow the luxury for human error in critical operations, poor innovation, or mismanaged entities throughout the global supply chain. Enterprise-wide analytics with adaptive data management tailored to each entity offered by Kyield represents the new high bar of competitiveness in global manufacturing. 

Media, Publishing, and Education

Data convergence and advanced technology are changing the fundamentals of many industries, requiring new systems, methods and models designed for the current and future environment. Kyield not only enables more efficient and intelligent organizational management and continual learning for the client, but the same functionality can be extended to consumers, subscribers, and students at a surprisingly low cost with flexible options. The generic default platform Kyield offers includes self-tailored data management within organizational parameters, continual improvement, and continuously adaptive functionality. 

Oil and Gas

While the energy industry has benefited from advanced knowledge systems and technology, much more can be accomplished with Kyield's patented system than has been previously possible. Enterprise-wide dynamics between partners have been the cause of some of the largest losses in the history of the energy industry as well as missed opportunity. Revenue growth and cost containment will be increasingly challenging in the future, requiring the most advanced enterprise-wide analytics with higher performance across the organization. 

Retail and Consumer

Machine learning and analytics are being tapped to deliver much needed value to the retail sector, yet few if any have optimized the bigger opportunity of enterprise-wide analytics with advanced knowledge systems only Kyield can deliver. Near real-time computing combined with mobility, adaptive data management, predictive algorithms, and continuous deep learning make for compelling use case scenarios for significant ROI in both cost reduction and revenue optimization. 


The need for unification across the global enterprise has become among the most pressing issues facing market leaders in technology as they navigate data convergence at the confluence of software, hardware and telecommunications. Disruptive innovation, complexity, new business models, price pressure, and the relentless pace of change requires continuous improvement with adaptive data management tailored to the needs of each entity. Kyield is the missing link many executives are seeking to execute strategic operations at global scale. An additional consideration: Kyield's founder was a pre-investment booster for Microsoft, Google, Skype, and many others, which is reflected and extended by Kyield's system design and services.

Tourism, Lodging, Cruise, and Restaurants

The lower cost of delivering supercomputing power has finally allowed people-centric service industries to tap into the most advanced technologies at a low per-person price across the distributed enterprise. With mobility, data standards and Kyield's powerful CKO Engine, organizations can now achieve near real-time computing and predictive analytics to and from every employee with a smart device. This could well be a game changer for tourism and hospitality where Kyield's founder has a long history in delivering market leading performance.