K·Yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Inventor of the enterprise AI OS (KOS): Embedded governance, learning, prevention, security, and productivity.

Partnering with KYield


What KYield seeks in partners 

Our primary goal in partnering at this stage is to grow the business and secure new customers in a sustainable manner. Although exceptions may exist, a qualified customer for KYield is typically an organization with a minimum of $500 million in annual revenue and several thousand employees. Prospects can be in the public or private sector. We hope to serve SMEs at some point in the future. 

Logical partners for KYield include firms in technology, software integration, and consulting who are not direct competitors, and would like to resell and service KYield’s technology. Companies that have deep expertise in a specific industry or sector are also of particular interest, as are those with a strong regional presence. Please note that KYield only offers our products and services in democratic nations that have good diplomatic relations with the U.S. 

What KYield offers 

  • Word-leading, patented technology. 
  • Two AI systems: The KYield OS and the Synthetic Genius Machine. 

  • KYield OS provides built-in governance, proprietary security, prevention, and enhanced productivity.
  • Training and certification. 
  • Extensive knowledge and experience, including deep-dive AI use cases in most industries.
  • 24 years of R&D. 
  • Clean financials and balance sheet with low-risk model. 
  • A large customer pipeline and network.
  • A culture that endeavors to act with integrity in all that we do.

Learn more about KYield 

The best public sources of information on KYield’s products and services are linked from our web site. The recorded video of Mark Montgomery at a leading regional conference in September of 2019 is the best public source to learn more about our systems and technology

Our 15 management principles for enterprise AI combined and three-part video interview by Dr. Robert Neilson with Mark Montgomery is an excellent way to learn more about our KYield OS, our culture, and our philosophy.


If a mutually beneficial partnership appears logical, please send an email to partner@kyield.com with a description of your company with background and links. Please describe what type of partnership your company might be interested in.