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Distributed AI system with governance, prevention, security, and productivity tailored to each entity.

Senior Consultants

Kyield is seeking independent contractors with significant experience at the confluence of advanced technology, business management, consulting and operations. Previous experience with either highly reputable independent firms or leading consultatns is preferred (McKinsey, BCG, Big Four, IBM, etc.). 

Kyield is one of very few authentically invented AI systems from theorem through maturity over the course of two decades of R&D. We were self-funded well into the seven figures in part to be free to focus on overcoming problems and design the most effective system possible. We operate in a conservative, low-risk manner, conduct our business with a high degree of integrity, and seek to partner with others who do so as well.

We have established one of the largest and most mature customer pipelines in the world, which can be selectively tapped and shared in a win/win/win manner. This is an ideal situation for an existing consulting practice seeking to expand with best-of-breed AI systems. It is also a good situation for an individual or team well positioned to start their own business with partners who realize that building a practice around a state-of-the-art system has proven to be among the most effective models. 

If an individual consultant he/she will need to be exceptionally experienced with deep exposure to advanced technology, organizational management and CEO-level consultative sales and relationship management dealing with systems of the highest levels of value and importance. Previous experience as either a consultant or senior executive with extensive trusted relationships should be considered a minimal requirement. 

Specific experience with AI systems is desirable, but we provide training for the patented Kyield OS and specific functionality that includes strict certification for critical installs. A prudent scenario for an individual is an expectation to initiate with a client while building a team of 3-5 top-tier specialists within six months. 

While it is plausible that in some cases we may make exceptions where warranted by special situations, we are primarily seeking exclusive agent and distribution relationships. The reasons are many, including but not limited to the following: 

  • The Kyield OS is typically a network-wide installation that is by its very nature transformational across the entire organization and beyond. It is a significant undertaking that requires a top-tier team working closely with customers for several years. 
  • Even though the Kyield OS is simple to use and operates substantially in the background, the issues involved in establishing a CALO (Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization) are of the highest priority for consultants and customers. 
  • The Kyield OS includes advanced functionality in security, governance, risk management, crisis prevention, augmented productivity, competitive operations, cultural dynamics, machine learning, and economics among others. 
  • We have a strong desire to avoid the type of conflicts of interests that have become commonplace in the IT industry. The lack of conflicts is not only a competitive advantage, but is a requirement in some situations for certification, security and compliance. 
  • The Kyield OS deals with the most valuable issues and targets the highest-level ROI possible so sufficient room in margins exists for exceptional levels of compensation. 

Those who are interested and meet the parameters are encouraged to email me their appropriate CVs/resumes and other files or links that demonstrate qualifications. All correspondence is deemed confidential until mutually agreed otherwise. 

Thank you for your interest. 

Mark Montgomery 

Founder & CEO Kyield