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Neural Networks

Converting the enterprise to an adaptive neural network

What’s wrong with the neural network? Lack of data structure that enables governance 

Regulatory failure on the Web: Consequences and solutions

Workplace analytics in the neural network economy

Artificial Intelligence

Recent trends in artificial intelligence algorithms

Applied AI: Mythological to neuroanatomical

Plausible Scenarios For AI in Preventing Catastrophes

Fear of AI vs. the Ethics and Art of Creative Destruction (Wired)

Book Review: “Artificial Cognitive Architectures

Data Management

Unleash the innovation within

Diabetes and the American healthcare system

Five essential steps for strategic (adaptive) enterprise computing

Overcoming the enterprise differentiality paradox

 Use Case Scenarios


5.9.10       Diabetes and the American Healthcare System

 Healthcare, standards, behavior, and mobility


1.15.10      Maya in the Global Parcel Delivery Business

  Global logistics, human systems and innovation


10.18.09    Roger the Electrician at the Hydro Dam

  Anti-terrorism, security, energy, and government