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Inspired by Nature. Managed by Humans. Assisted by AI.

Kyield Brochure (pdf)

Kyield's patented AI system serves as an advanced operating system for distributed organizations and networks. The system unifies networks with predictive analytics and automated adaptive data tailored to each entity, resulting in significantly lower ongoing IT costs, increased levels of productivity, and data discovery targeting the highest ROI possible.

The modular system is designed to extend to partners and individuals within regulatory and corporate parameters, providing precision value to any organization or network requiring deeply tailored data with advanced analytics. 
Download our brochure and price list for more detailed information and contact us to explore flexible options for realizing exceptional value from Kyield's breakthrough technology and system. 

.Human Powered With AI

  • Meets/exceeds compliance
  • Simple natural language
  • Interoperable standards
  • Extra data-centric security
  • On premises/cloud/hybrid
  • Strong R&D pipeline

Critical Business Value

  • Crisis prevention
  • Expedited discovery
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved innovation
  • Consolidated IT costs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Adaptive/tailored
  • Predictive across system
  • Patented/reduced liability

Article by Kyield's founder featured at Wired Innovation InsightsFear of Artificial Intelligence vs. the Ethic and Art of Creative Destruction